Gift Cards Package

Winning Bid: $210.00

Item Value: $ 215

This Package includes a $50 Panago Pizza Gift Certificate (details below), $50 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card, $50 The Ultimate Dining Gift Card, $25 Cineplex Movie Gift Card and $40 The Goods Screening & Apparel Gift Card. Gift cards will be mailed out.

Donated by: Panago Pizza/The Goods Screening & Apparel/Stephanie Isaac/Sahar Ziaei

Anti Sniping: Bidding is extended by 3 minutes if a bid is received within 3 minutes of Time Left.

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Panago Pizza has a long history of supporting communities and giving back to the neighbourhoods they serve. They are proud to support the CHN with a Compliments Certificate redeemable for 2 medium pizzas, 2 salads and a 2L of pop. Available at any Panago location. Expires May 1st, 2022.

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Z....t$170.002021-04-25 10:47:48 AM
t....t$150.002021-04-23 02:29:41 PM
m....w$120.002021-04-23 02:21:58 PM
t....t$110.002021-04-23 02:13:47 PM
m....w$100.002021-04-23 11:37:18 AM
d....a$90.002021-04-23 09:23:58 AM
s....7$80.002021-04-23 09:18:58 AM

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