25 California Tile Hangers (Pack #1)

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Item Value: US $67 (Hangers US $37+ US $30 for Shipping)

One box of 25 tile hangers with 1” 5/8 screws. Value US $37.50 / CAD $50. Handmade California Tile Hangers can be used to hang Sid Dickens Memory Blocks. They have a pre-drilled off-set counter sunk hole. This allows for minor adjustments once they are attached to the wall.

The hangers are made to custom fit to help securely hang your tiles. CTH make their hangers snug, but if too snug hit corners with sandpaper. Please test hanger with tile first. CTH recommend setting your hangers on the wall in same direction. Place hangers in diamond position corner up closest to screw. Happy memory block hanging!

California Tile Hangers disclaims all liability relating to the use of this product. “Sid Dickens” is a trademark of Sid Dickens Inc. and has not endorsed or approved this product and disclaims all liability to the use of this product.

(This prize includes 25 tile hangers and not the stand or memory block in the second photo.)


This item will be shipped directly from California Tile Hangers within Canada or USA.

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Donated by: California Tile Hangers

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